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Our lion represents honor, nobility and abundance, while the two snakes in its jaws represent the obstacles we must triumph over. Loyalty and Heart (L&H) is based on unyielding principles that transcend the very fabric that bears its name. L&H uses the finest quality fabrics and environmentally safe printing materials. The message we share with the world is universal, timeless and represents boundless imagination.


Loyalty and Heart

Loyalty and Heart is a growing and dynamic business that uses eco-friendly materials to produce a high-end product. Our brand epitomizes Bold American Luxury by providing products that are both upscale and environmentally friendly. Staying true to our core values with every step of our journey has helped us to create a company that is new and exciting, and a brand that is a refreshing and unique contribution to the fashion world.

We are passionate about providing quality products, preserving the earth and inviting people to become a part of our dream. We are an entrepreneurially driven team that promotes innovation and creative thinking. As a company, we believe in building a brand that represents the reality of the everyday successes and challenges that exist in our lives. The L&H team shares the same vision, which we passionately work toward, but each of us has different ideas regarding the path it takes to get there. This ensures that our approach will always be fresh and cleverly thought out.

For us at Loyalty and Heart, living a luxurious lifestyle means being responsible. Our love for the earth motivates us to do our part in helping to reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet. We love fashion, luxury products and our environment. We believe that one doesn't have to cancel out the other. Our values reflect those of a business born of individuals who are committed to being eco-friendly and passionate about helping to restore the earth's natural balance.

Loyalty and Heart

Being environmentally safe and eco-friendly is a part of who we are. At Loyalty & Heart, we strive to produce high quality goods without compromising our integrity. The hang tags on our merchandise are produced for specific collections and are made from 30% linen and 70% recycled cotton. Each order is hand packed in a vintage bag embellished with our distinctive logo and artwork inviting you into the world of Loyalty & Heart.

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